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Gua Sunyaragi Has Been Reopened for Public Gua Sunyaragi or Sunyaragi Cave. (Photo: Muhamad Jupri/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMANADO, CIREBON – After being closed for almost 3 months, Gua Suryaragi or Sunyaragi Cave Cirebon West Java has been reopened since May, 30 2020. However, unlike what they have before the pandemic, they only receive a few visitor on the first day of the opening.

"There are only 23 people visiting this place. And I believe they mainly came from the local area," Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat, The Sultan of Keraton Kasepuhan who also happened to run the area said on Sunday (31/5/2020).

As any other tourist destinations in Ceirebon which happened to be reopened at the same day such as Keraton Kasepuhan, Gua Sunyaragi also applied Covid-19 protocol standard for their visitors.

They prepared a sink at the entrance for the visitors to wash their hand. They also asked their visitors to wear a mask anytime while they are in the area. And they also check their body temperature with thermo gun before entering the site.

Meanwhile, the opening of Gua Suryaragi  (Sunyaragi Cave) Cirebon West Java during this new normal was also hope to bring some fresh air to the local community who have been suffered with financial problem during large scale social restrictions. (*)

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